Holidays are right around the corner, we can remodel your bathroom sooner!

Holidays Are Right Around The Corner, We Can Remodel Your Bathroom Sooner! Thanksgiving and Christmas. The two holidays that bring so much excitement and so much stress. Who will be hosting? Who is bringing the mashed potatoes? Is the home ready to host the entire family!? The last thing you should be worrying about is […]

Competitive Pricing

Custom Bathroom Remodeling – Competitive Pricing *Free, No Pressure Consultation* Get the bath remodel you have been dreaming about from Express. From shower renovations to full on custom remodels, we do it all with very competitive pricing. Located in Raleigh we service the entire research triangle. If you are thinking about a new look for […]

2020 Bathroom Remodel Resolution

Express Baths, remodeling small bathrooms

2020 Resolutions? Get Your New Bathroom Installed Before Spring! Welcome to Express Baths, Offering Custom Bathroom, Bathtub & Glass Shower Renovations in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, and Garner, NC and surrounding areas! Call 919-661-4262 Looking to have your bathroom renovated before the Spring arrives? Call Express Baths in Raleigh to schedule a free consultation. We are […]

Bathroom Shower Remodel in Raleigh NC

Call Today to be Done Before Christmas – 919-661-4262 Bathroom Remodeling in Raleigh NC Express Baths, based in Raleigh NC, specializes in bathroom shower remodeling. We have a few options for anyone looking to upgrade or modernize their bathroom. Call us to discuss your wants and needs. One Day Bath Remodel OR a Custom Bathroom? […]

The Pros and Cons of Having a Window in the Shower

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor While the pros and cons of a window in the bathroom are great, but finding the right bathroom remodeling contractor in Raleigh is even better! Get A Free Consultation The Pros and Cons of a Window in the Bathroom The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any house and […]

Why You Should Remodel Your Bathroom Using Acrylic

One of the most remodeled rooms in the home today is the bathroom. Whether you’re remodeling the bath or in a new construction project there will come a time to decide the type of bathroom fixtures to be used. The bathtubs and showers being used are an important part of any bathroom project. One of […]

What Options are There for Acrylic Bathtubs

Your bathroom is a special room, and the focal point of it is usually the bathtub or shower. Whether you are choosing the bathtub for your new home or replacing a bathtub in an existing home, there are several elements to consider before making your purchase. With the variety of bathtubs available on the market […]

Smаll Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Uрdаtіng уоur bathroom is one оf thе wіѕеѕt іnvеѕtmеntѕ you саn mаkе in your hоmе. Nоt only dоеѕ іt hеlр уоu ѕаvе mоnеу in thе short-term, but аlѕо іt increases the vаluе of your home, ultimately increasing thе return on іnvеѕtmеnt. In уоur ѕmаll bаthrооm space іѕ a luxurу уоu dоn’t hаvе. Design ideas wіll […]

What should a Homeowner Consider before a Bathroom Remodel?

When beginning the process of planning any renovation there are a number of things to consider.  There is no way to predict the exact cost of a renovation by the square footage of a room – especially in a bathroom.  Fixtures vary widely in price and can easily make even a simple renovation very expensive.  So […]

Fall 2015 Special on Bathroom Remodeling

A beautiful new bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive. Express Baths provides high quality, stress-free bathroom remodeling that is affordable and flexible to your budget and style needs. Update that old worn looking tub today. Affordable and professional bathroom remodeling for the greater Raleigh NC area. Did your home come with just a tub but […]