Changing your tub to a shower has many benefits.

Changing your Tub to a Shower

Modern Bathrooms

You have to ask yourself, how many times do you actually use your tub? Chances are that it is not that often. Making this transformation gives you the opportunity to modernize your bathroom.

Walk in showers add beauty to the bathroom and lets it open up and seem that the room itself is bigger. Not only the tile work will be visible, but also the type of glass selections available. Full opening glass doors not only allow for a complete view, it is also safer.


Increased Convenience and Space

It has happened to all of us. As we are getting out of the shower there is that little slip scare. Stepping out of a wet tub can be tricky. Having of door that opens all of the way down eliminates the necessity to step over a basically high step. This is a great convenience.

Removing the tub allows you to actually have more space. What a convenience. There is more space taken up by a tub than one thinks. The thick walls of the tub take up a lot of room. You can reclaim this unused space to give you more breathing room while bathing.


The Impression

Tubs are a paint to wash and scrub. Installing a glass shower eliminates a lot of the cleaning involved. Installing trackless shower doors almost makes it maintenance free. This gives you more time relaxing in the shower than cleaning it. 

The shower is one of the first things that someone notices when entering a bathroom. Having the expansive look, because of the glass doors, it also highlights the shower as the center piece of the bathroom. This can also lead to increased property value.

Taking on a project like this requires people of different skill levels. Our skilled craftsmen will sit down with you to understand what you are looking for. Through design and budget we can give you the bathroom of your dreams.

Call or contact us for a no obligation free estimate. We will be glad to sit down with you and discuss your entire project and timeline. Express Baths and Glass uses the highest quality materials and paired with expert workmanship, you are guaranteed the best craftsmanship in Raleigh and surrounding areas.