bathroom remodelingYour bathroom is a special room, and the focal point of it is usually the bathtub or shower. Whether you are choosing the bathtub for your new home or replacing a bathtub in an existing home, there are several elements to consider before making your purchase.

With the variety of bathtubs available on the market today choosing the right one for your bathroom seems like an easy task. But despite how simple it may seem, the wrong bathtub can have devastating effects upon a bathroom.  The wrong color can make a bathroom seem smaller.  The wrong size can overwhelm the space.  So careful thought is required.

You might have gotten an idea from friend’s place, an internet site, televisions show or a magazine.  But what is the right choice for your bathroom?  When choosing a bathtub there are three things to consider: price, durability and style.  One of the choices that rates well in all three areas is an acrylic bathtub.


Because acrylic bathtubs are made from a soft and malleable material, they come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you are planning a small functional bathroom or a large spa-like setting, this wide assortment of tub styles can increase your options when designing a bathroom.


Acrylic is perceived as a warm material both physically and visually. Acrylic bathtubs have a smooth nonporous surface. The surface is warm to the touch in normal temperatures and has very good heat-retaining properties, keeping water warm for a longer time than some other bathtub materials. For a homeowner who enjoys soaking in a warm tub, this can be an important advantage.

Acrylic bathtubs are tough and durable.  If an acrylic bathtub gets a scratch, it can be treated, much like a car, by buffing the mark with a liquid polisher. Acrylic bathtubs are made of solid-colored materials, so the color won’t rub off or fade.


Acrylic bathtubs are affordable.  The production expense is very low and the life span is as long as 20 years.  Acrylic bathtubs should definitely be on the shortlist of options when looking for an affordable bathtub.

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